Lighting Design & Installation

Residential Lighting Design & Installation

Lighting plays an important role in the overall outlook of your home. There is no gainsaying the fact that every great lighting work starts with the right design; that is why our experts at Red Ryno Energy take pride in the provision and delivery of exceptional lighting services for all your residential lighting needs.

Our lighting design and installation services are unique to your needs. We don’t just design; we take out time to understand every single detail concerning your lighting need and swing into action to provide the best solutions. We take your safety seriously; that is why we provide designs from a functional and safety standpoint, as well as the ability to showcase a business or product and create an element of ambiance.

Red Ryno Energy takes utmost care in the provision of designs that are outside the box. Part of our identity is being more than just a team of installers and repairmen, and women. As a recognized team of professionals, we also provide expert guidance to our customers. Our team consists of architects and lighting design specialists that are ready to provide the best lighting design and installation.

Once you contact us, our architects and design specialists will swing into action to help you select an electrically safe and attractive custom lighting design for your home. With our flexible work schedule, we create the perfect solutions for all customers who are looking to renovate their homes or trying to create unique designs for their new homes with the latest trends. No matter what the situation, you can trust and rely on our team to take good care of you and your lighting needs. Our team of electricians has built a stellar reputation through the delivery of affordable, high-quality lighting while minimizing disruptions to your residential areas.


  • Lighting Design Layout

Every great lighting begins with an excellent design layout, and this is what we aim to replicate with all our distinguished customers. With our lighting designers, you gain hands-on access to wonderful, tailor-made lighting designs from a functional and safety standpoint, as well as its ability to showcase your business or product while creating an element of ambiance.

  • Fixture Selection

Let our team of architects and lighting design experts transform your home with the right fixture selection. At Red Ryno Energy, we take pride in listening to customer specifications to understand how to provide the best tailor-made services that suit their needs.

  • Installation

Experience the comfort and safety that comes from installing the right electrical lighting in your home. With our several years of market experience, you gain access to one of the best lighting installation services in Canada.

What makes us different?

  1. Easy to use, affordable, and tailor-made lighting design and installation services.
  2. Highly professional, licensed, and a certified team consisting of architects and lighting design experts.
  3. Friendly customer care services.
  4. Timely maintenance and information.

Every great electrical lighting is a product of quality design. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best. Let our team of experts transform your simple needs into the best lighting designs you can ever imagine.