EV Charger Installation

Electric Car Charger Installation

The future of driving is electric. What was a fanciful dream has become a reality: electrically-powered cars that can travel great distances and at high speeds. And we’re not just talking about Teslas. Every major auto manufacturer offers a range of hybrid and plug-in vehicles. Finding one that will meet your day-to-day driving needs is not hard.

Red Ryno Energy is a big fan of electric vehicles. Obviously, as electricians, we’re biased. We like things that are powered by electricity. However, the primary reason is that electric vehicles are an awesome way to care for our planet. Things like HOV lane access and lower driving costs are nice perks, but the real benefit belongs to earth’s future inhabitants. Our team of certified electricians is equipped and experienced to still your EV charger. But I realize you might have a few questions about this process. So, let’s start with the basics.

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Are Rebates Available for EV Charger Installs?

Yes, there are! Home EV charger installs are eligible for a 50% rebate, up to a maximum of $350. BC Hydro and Fortis BC administer this rebate. There’s a simple online application process that you can fill out once you’ve decided to go ahead with your project.

Apartment and condo buildings also have rebate options available. They can apply for a standard EV charger rebate (which is up to $2,000), or they can invest in an EV Ready Plan, which includes three rebates for that larger project (up to $3,000 for the plan, $600 per parking stall, and $1,400 for the chargers).

Likewise, commercial properties can apply for a rebate. Their maximum is $2,000 per charger.

Check out BC Hydro’s info page for more information or to get started on your application.

Hire Red Ryno Energy to Install Your EV Charger

Call Red Ryno Energy today if you’re ready to learn more and investigate your property’s readiness for an EV charger. We have the experience and expertise you need to complete this process without any headaches.

We proudly serve B.C. residents across the Lower Mainland, from Hope to Vancouver. We also offer emergency repair services, so you don’t have to worry in the unlikely event that you run into charger issues after hours.

Reach out to the wonderful Red Ryno Energy team. We look forward to helping you power your car and invest in a greener future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an EV Charger?

Most drivers charge their electric vehicles daily. Most dealerships supply new electric vehicle owners with a cord (that will plug into the wall) or an EV charge station to accommodate this need.

Why Should I Install an EV Charger?

Given how much energy is required to recharge a battery, most EV owners install a charger that will speed up the recharging process. After all, the last thing you want is to come out in the morning and discover that you don’t have sufficient battery power to make your morning commute. This installation will increase your convenience and give you a strong backup to ensure you don’t get stuck at home when there’s somewhere else you need to be.

If you own a commercial property or live in strata, there are different benefits to installing an EV charger. Any employees and patrons that come to your business will be grateful for this service. And since electric vehicles are becoming more and more common, stratas that make this investment will enhance or maintain their property values.

What Kind of EV Chargers Are Available?

Currently, there are three types of EV chargers on the market:

  • A Level 1 Charger, which supplies 120V of power and plugs into a standard 15a receptacle
  • A Level 2 Charger, which supplies 240V of power and plugs into a dryer or stove receptacle
  • A Level 3 Charger, which supplies 480V of power and is also known as a DC “fast charging” station.

The Level 3 Charger has been developed more recently. As such, it is not compatible with all vehicles and isn’t yet as commonly found in Canada. If you’re interested in that option, your electrician can help you determine what is suitable for your electric vehicle.

Tesla Model S owners also have access to a unique Level 3 Charger (the “Supercharger”), which can provide half a battery charge in about 20 minutes.

Is My Property Suitable for an EV Charger?

That’s a great question. The honest answer is: we’ll have to take a look. There are a few things that must be done in order for you to install an EV charger:

  • Municipality Approval. Your first step should be to confirm with your municipality that your home is eligible for this option. You’ll also need a permit to complete this work. In both cases, your professional electrician is the best person to talk to. We can help you navigate this process and provide expert advice so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.
  • Adequate Electrical Service. Some older homes may not have the capacity for the amperage that an EV charger requires. Your electrician will inspect your service and can confirm whether or not an upgrade will be required to power the charger.
  • Space in Your Electrical Panel. Your EV charger will likely need a separate circuit breaker. Again, your electrician will assess your panel and confirm that you have sufficient room to accommodate this need.

The key throughout this process is to talk to your electrician first. They’ve installed EV chargers before and know what to watch for. You can trust them to help you choose the right product and ensure that your new charger is safely and properly installed.