Custom Warehouse Lighting

Electrical Services

Red Ryno Energy provides warehouse lighting services across the lower mainland of British Columbia. In specific we help business owners with planning and installing efficient lighting solutions. Electrical systems play an integral role when it comes to a warehouse’s site safety and operational efficiency. In this environment, insufficient lighting is more than an inconvenience: it’s a hazard that can lead to downtime, injury, or worse.

At Red Ryno Energy, our team understands just how important our work is to the well-being of your warehouse operations. We have the experience to address your challenges and deliver a safe, functional worksite that will benefit every person who steps foot on your site.

Why Red Ryno Serves Warehouses

Helping business owners plan and install efficient lighting systems is one of our key services.

We take great pride in our ability to help businesses reduce their operating costs, using our experience and expertise to identify economic energy savings. To put it simply, our efforts will make your business more profitable.

Increase Site Safety with a Warehouse Lighting Upgrade

Our lighting systems are designed to provide your employees with the safest possible workspace. Since most warehouses have few (if any) windows, your staff relies heavily on your lighting system. It’s our job to ensure they can see the tasks at hand and complete them safely.

In addition, our electrical experts will ensure that your outlets are functional and that your workspace contains a suitable number of power sources. This attention to detail – along with installations designed for the day-to-day activities of your business – will give you confidence in the safe power at your business’s disposal.

The ROI of a Warehouse Lighting Upgrade

We strongly believe you should see a significant return on investment when you hire us to upgrade your warehouse lighting.

With this end in mind, we start by assessing your warehouse and preparing a personalized Energy Audit for your building. This report will help you conceptualize the ROI you’ll receive. We’ll lay out a summary of saving projections – both on a monthly and an annual basis – so you can compare that with the total cost of your lighting project.

Our Energy Audit Process

To begin, we visit your warehouse and carefully inspect the premises. Our technician will ask questions and record specific details that provide us with a full understanding of your unique lighting infrastructure.

With this data in our hands, we run a full analysis of your current lighting system. This thorough review outlines the capacity of your infrastructure and identifies areas of weakness that a new system will address.

From there, we prepare recommendations based on your specific needs. Calculating the cost of these recommendations, we give you the straight facts: what your new lighting system will cost and what ROI you can expect to receive.

This audit equips you to make an informed decision about the next steps for your warehouse lighting.

Contact Red Ryno Energy for Your Warehouse Lighting Needs

If you want more information about how an energy assessment can save you money, contact us today. We’d love to answer your questions and provide more details about our work, including our 24-hour repair services.

We look forward to serving you and your business with our warehouse lighting expertise.

Energy Audit Process

1. Visit the location to record specific details to better understand your unique lighting infrastructure.
2. Analyze current lighting infrastructure details.
3. Calculate the cost of the new lighting project and return on investment.

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