Residential Electrical Services

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Residential Electrical Services

Backup Generators

Stop reaching for candles and flashlights when the power goes out. Install a backup generator. It preserves your home’s safety, especially during extreme weather seasons when you rely on your climate control. It also keeps the food in your fridge fresh and avoids potentially harmful bacteria.

Electrical Circuit Breaker Panels

Your electrical circuit breaker panel is the heartbeat of your home. It safely transfers the electricity from BC Hydro to your home’s system, powering your devices and keeping the lights on. Make sure that your panel is safe and adequate for your everyday requirements.

Electrical Installs

Technological advancements have made our electrical systems more intricate and complex. These advancements come with great tools to harness and wisely use electricity. However, to get the most out of them, you want a professional electrician who can ensure everything is safe and according to code.

Electrical Wiring

The electrical wires in your home carry the lifeblood of your home’s electrical system. As such, they must be installed correctly and stay in good condition. You can trust Red Ryno’s trained and certified electricians to complete your wiring project with care, ensuring that your home remains safe and sound.

Lighting Design & Installation

Well-lit rooms don’t happen by accident. They require a design completed with careful forethought and the eyes of experience. Our licensed electricians can do more than install your lights. We can also make informed recommendations to deliver the ambience you want without sacrificing practicality and your budget.

Smart Home Systems

Smart technology isn’t just a flippant fad. It’s simply the latest technological trend that is revolutionizing how we build our homes and operate them with safe efficiency. Take advantage of things like smart security alarms and smart thermostats to maintain the comfort of your home and increase your energy efficiency. Your wallet and your earth will thank you.

EV Charger Installation

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to making sure your EV Charger is up and running as quickly as possible, so every effort is taken to get your energy source up-and-running in no time! Contact us now and get ready to experience safe, speedy, quality service with Red Ryno Energy/EV Charger Installation today!

Mobile Home Inspection

As a reliable electrical business catering to Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we recognize the significance of ensuring the safety and compliance of your mobile home with local regulations. To this end, we provide mobile home inspection services, which are also referred to as silver label inspection or manufactured home inspection.

Licensed Electricians

Your home is supposed to be a sacred space – a fortress where you can rest and make memories with loved ones. In our modern world, electrical systems are a vital component of our home’s integrity. We rely upon them to power our devices, preserve our food, and illuminate the darkest nights. Red Ryno Energy gets it, and not just because we’re electricians. We’re people, too. People who also value our safe spaces and the technologies that keep them secure. That’s why we treat every client’s home with respect and care. We know that it’s a privilege to enter your home, even if we’re there to work. Quite frankly, you’ll love having us around. We will take care of your electrical challenges, show up on time, and deliver high-quality products that provide the best bang for your buck.

We believe in delivering only the highest quality workmanship. That means completing projects according to code and federal standards. This isn’t just a case of obeying the rules. Rather, it’s our way of ensuring that you and your loved ones stay safe while in your home. We abhor shortcuts and do everything by the book so that you can have peace of mind as you rest. Our highly trained and certified technicians have experience with all sorts of projects. We can help you plan and execute the electrical component of that remodel you’ve been putting off for years. We can assist with LED fixture upgrades if you want to reduce your monthly energy costs. And if you’re reading this page in the middle of the night, wondering if we do emergency call-outs, the answer is an enthusiastic “YES!” We’re proud of our opportunities to help homeowners like you invest in their homes and preserve their safe environments. Call Red Ryno Energy today to start your electrical project.

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We proudly serve British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, from Hope to Vancouver and everywhere in between. Whether you live in the heart of the Fraser Valley or on the banks of English Bay, we’re ready and eager to serve you.

Contact us for all your residential electrical needs. Our friendly team is waiting for your call and looks forward to getting to know you. Once you have our staff at your home, you’ll understand why so many of our clients keep returning to us for their electrical needs. If you have questions about our services or think you have a problem that will stump us, we’ll be excited to hear them. Reach out today!

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