EV Charger Installation Richmond

Richmond Electric Vehicle Charger Installations

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming a big part of everyday life. Production is increasing by every major automobile manufacturer. Owning an electric vehicle is becoming more common, and selection continues to expand. As such, there is an increasing need for electronic vehicle chargers.

One of the best places to own an electric vehicle is right here in British Columbia. Major investments and installments are being made throughout the province. Red Ryno Energy installs EV stations throughout Richmond and all-over British Columbia. We give EV drivers the power they need.

EV Charger Residential Installations

Red Ryno Energy has expert electricians that can determine if your home can accommodate an EV charger. Sometimes with older homes, we’ll need to upgrade your electrical system first. Either way, with our expert guidance, we’ll get you set up and charging quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.

We can also check with your municipality to make sure you get the proper charger and the proper permit for the work.

For those who are installing home EV charging units from BC Hydro and Fortis BC, a 50% rebate, or up to a maximum of $350, is available. For apartment or condo buildings, rebates are also available. You can get a rebate of up to $2,000 for standard EV chargers, or there is also a way to invest in an EV Ready Plan. The BC Hydro info page has further details, so get started on an application.

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EV Charger Commercial Installations

We are proud to be an important part of this rapidly developing industry in Richmond British Columbia. More and more EVs are being purchased, and Richmond has a high demand for EV chargers in commercial parking lots. Red Ryno’s experienced electricians make sure you find the right charger, and we can install it safely and efficiently.

Forward-thinking commercial property owners in Richmond recognize the added benefit of featuring an EV charger. They see how including an EV charger on their property can be a great way to attract both customers and employees. They can provide a valuable service that differentiates them from their competitors and sends a clear message about their commitment to a more sustainable future. Red Ryno’s commercial services include:

  • Knowledge of selecting chargers that comply with codes, assessment of your site, and consultation
  • How to connect to your building’s electrical system
  • Supply and installation
  • Complete support, maintenance, and troubleshooting

We make sure that the installation doesn’t interfere with your ongoing business. We’ll perform the installation during the most convenient time for your schedule.

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Richmond is Ready for the Electric Future with Red Ryno Energy

Contact Red Ryno Energy for an estimate to install an EV charger at your residence or commercial property in Richmond. You can move into the future with the most hassle-free experience by making sure to call on the experts at Red Ryno Energy for your installation. We are fully equipped and experienced to install your EV charger, whether you need residential or commercial expertise.