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Red Ryno Energy is pleased to provide electrical services to the thousands of residents and hundreds of businesses that make their homes in Burnaby.

If you live or work in Burnaby, it’s our pleasure to serve you. We handle projects of all sizes, from isolated repairs to new construction electrical installations. Our certified and highly-trained electricians regularly work on both residential and commercial sites. This experience equips us to solve whatever problems you’re facing.

But we’re not just electricians: we’re people who love serving other people. This means that we’re not content just to fix your wiring or install some new light fixtures. We want to pair our excellent workmanship with unforgettable customer service. You can be confident that we’ll arrive when scheduled and keep you well-informed of our progress throughout your project.

This one-two punch is what motivates our clients to call us back for other projects and refer us to their friends and families. So, if you’re ready to have your own Red Ryno Energy experience for your Burnaby home or residence, call us today.

Residential electrical services

Burnaby is a large, diverse city with homes from every decade since the 1950s. That lovely flavour can lead to interesting electrical challenges since electrical standards and needs have changed over the past seventy years.

You want a contractor who has experience across this spectrum. One who knows how to spot suspect wiring and identify potential obstacles that could compromise your final project or the safety of your home.

In other words, you want the team at Red Ryno Energy.

Whether you’re looking for an LED fixture upgrade to lower your monthly energy bills or need to upgrade an outdated electrical panel, we’ve got you and your Burnaby home covered.

Commercial Electrical Services

When it comes to our commercial projects, Red Ryno Energy has two key priorities.

The first is making sure that our service positively impacts your bottom line. Our staff has a keen eye for efficiency and cost-savings, which means that we don’t make recommendations unless they’re going to improve your business or are needed for safety.

The second is organizing our projects to create as little disruption as possible while we work. We understand that you don’t have the luxury of pausing your operations. You need efficient service that allows you to do your work. While some services require unavoidable interruptions, we’ll plan collaboratively with you and schedule around your needs as best we can.

You can count on Red Ryno Energy throughout your Burnaby project, from the first phone call to the final handshake. We’re confident that you’ll love our relational service and trust us so much that you’ll be bringing us back for more work in the future.



Contact Red Ryno Energy today for your Burnaby electrical project! We’re here and ready to serve you, regardless of the size of your project.

We look forward to meeting you and serving on your property.