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The city of Coquitlam is locally renowned for its gorgeous parks, impressive infrastructure, and active community life. That’s why it continues to bustle and grow, with a thriving business community and an increasing number of tasteful residential developments.

Whatever kind of property you own in Coquitlam, Red Ryno Energy is the team you want for your electrical services. Our team is not just a carefully picked group of trained and certified electricians. We’re also customer service stars, eager to exceed your expectations and deliver an excellent experience.


Book us for your electrical project today! We can help with every stage of an electrical project, from conceptualization and design to sourcing and installation. You can rely on us for all your Coquitlam electrical needs.

What our electricians in Coquitlam offer?

Residential electrical services

Coquitlam is home to a wide array of residential properties. Its natural beauty and carefully preserved green space make it a popular community for people of all ages. That means you’ll find everything from noisy single-family homes to quiet condos (and a whole lot in between).

While our lives are increasingly dependent on reliable electricity, thanks to our many devices and smart appliances, each home’s needs are unique. At Red Ryno Energy, we get that. After all, we’re people, too. That’s why we start by listening to learn what you’re looking for instead of showing up to install a one-size-fits-all solution.

We follow this practice in every situation, whether tackling an after-hours emergency repair or helping you plot an upcoming renovation. Helping you enjoy and relax at home is our top priority: we’re there to make sure your electrical system runs smoothly without you having to think about it.

Call us today so we can start learning about your project. We look forward to working with you and helping you invest in your home.

Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial properties can require a wide spectrum of electrical services. Warehouses depend on extensive lighting systems to maintain a safe working environment. Restaurants require hefty systems that can accommodate atmospheric lighting and a host of kitchen appliances. Office spaces place a high premium on data networking systems and well-placed outlets. The list goes on and on.

To the team at Red Ryno Energy, these different environments are invigorating. We love the challenge of learning your specific needs and tailoring your system to meet them. Few things are more satisfying than solving your electrical problems.

Our experienced electricians can handle any electrical need you may have. Parking lot lighting? We’ve got you covered. Repairs for your stylish neon sign? You bet! Guidance to ensure your office reconfigurement doesn’t leave anyone without an accessible outlet? Absolutely.

Call Red Ryno Energy for your targeted emergency repairs or to acquire an energy audit. In both cases, we’re here to help you invest in your business and gain a strong return for your bottom line.



Red Ryno Energy is Coquitlam’s Trusted Electrical Contractor
We love serving our Coquitlam clients! If it’s time for electrical work on your commercial or residential property, reach out to Red Ryno Energy. We can’t wait to learn how we can serve you.