Motorhome Inspections: Why They’re Important and What to Expect

Buying a mobile home is a big deal, and, like with any major purchase, it is critical to do what you can to protect yourself and your investment. There are many steps to complete in order to best purchase real estate of any kind, not the least of which is a home inspection. Because motorhomes fall into a somewhat unique category, it can be easy for buyers to skip a manufacturers home inspection or mobile home inspection as they get caught up in the buying process. A thorough mobile home inspection will cover a lot of ground, and here at Red Ryno Energy, we are most concerned with the electrical side of things when it comes to a manufactured home inspection. It is our job to ensure your potential new investment is safe and up to code both nationally and locally, and there is no better team to do that than the experts at Red Ryno Energy.


Why is a Manufactured Home Inspection so Important

Manufactured homes are built differently than standard stick-built construction and, as such, can have some unique quirks and design features. Because of this, it is critical for a licensed home inspector to come in and check to make sure that your potential purchase is safe, functional, and without any major flaws. Inspectors are able to identify any current issues with the home and potential flaws that could become major problems down the line. By catching these things early, you could save hundreds to thousands of dollars in future repairs in addition to potentially being able to purchase the home at a lower price point. On the flip side, if you are selling a manufactured home, an inspector can help you identify items that need to be updated, upgraded, or fixed in order to list your home on the market or be able to list it at a higher price.

Of course, the top reason that an electrical home inspection is so important is safety. Electricity is one thing in your home that is best left to professionals, as even the slightest mistake or weakness in your electrical system could cause major issues. Instead of buying a manufactured home without knowing what could be wrong or fumbling through fixes on your own, catch any potential problems early with a professional home inspection before your purchase.

What to Expect in a Mobile Home Inspection

In terms of electrical inspections, you can expect your professional home inspector to conduct a complete evaluation of your building’s entire electrical system and all of its components. A thorough home inspection – like those conducted by Red Ryno Energy – will include an in-depth examination of all wiring and connections, outlets and switches, grounds, smoke and CO detectors, and the entire electrical panel and all breakers. Throughout this process, your electrical inspector will make a note of anything that needs upgrading, fixing, or replacement or is otherwise out of the ordinary. This information will then help inform your next steps in the home-buying process.

A manufactured home inspection is nothing to balk at – especially when they come to electrical inspections. As you prepare to buy a motorhome, trust the experienced experts at Red Ryno Energy to provide you with the most thorough, efficient, and affordable electrical home inspection available. Still unsure why they are important? Give our office a call today – we’re always here for you!