Custom Warehouse Lighting

What We Do

Red Ryno Energy provides warehouse lighting services across the lower mainland of British Columbia. In specific we help business owners with planning and installing efficient lighting solutions.

Why We Do it

We pride ourselves on helping businesses reduce their operating cost and allowing them to be more profitable as a result. We strongly believe that you should make a return on your investment when you decide to work with our team.

Warehouse Lighting Return on Investment

We help you conceptualize your return on investment by delivering an Energy Audit on your warehouse that provides a summary of saving projections over an monthly and annual basis and compare that with the total cost of your lighting project.

Energy Audit Process

1. Visit location to record specific details to better understand your unique lighting infrastructure.
2. Analyze current lighting infrastructure details.
3. Calculate the cost of new lighting project and return on investment.

For more information on how an energy assessment can save you money here. »