Smart Home Solutions

How comfortable are you willing to make your home? At Red Ryno, we believe your home’s comfort is one of the biggest priorities to living a happy life. This is why our Smart Home Systems are geared towards making you more comfortable and secure in your home. Our team of home automation experts is ready to transform your home from just another building to an abode you’d love to visit after each day’s work.

With the combination of the best Smart Home systems in Abbotsford, our group of Smart Home experts is ready to provide the best Smart Home systems designed to suit your lifestyle and home automation needs. With over 10 years of experience in providing the best Smart Home systems in Abbotsford/Langley, Chilliwack, Hope, Mission, and Harrison Hot Springs, Red Ryno has been in the forefront of affairs in assisting residents to build the best Smart Home systems from thermostats, lighting controls, home theatre installs and whole-house audio systems. Regardless of your smart home system needs, Red Ryno has got you covered.


  • Consultation

Our consultation sessions are focused on discussing your smart home automation needs and how to achieve them. We don’t just provide a service; we take you on a journey of discovery. We are always ready to take our clients through every process to understand what we are doing for them and how to utilize it to the fullest. Our team of experts is ready to receive your questions and even discuss your smart home needs.

  • Custom Smart Home Design

We understand that our clients may need something unique and out of the box. That is why our custom Smart Home design gives them a chance to express themselves and see it come to pass. We patiently listen to your custom smart home needs and find the best smart home systems that will fit into them.

  • Home Automation Systems Installation

Install the best-automated home systems like home theatre installs, lighting controls, thermostats, and whole-house audio systems with our Home Automation Systems Installation services. All our Smart Home systems come with an excellent, easy-to-use User interface that can be operated without stress.

  • Home Theatre Installation

Control your home theater system with our automated Home theatre installation services. We integrate the best sensors that allow you to interact with your audio systems for the best entertainment. With our home theatre installation services, you can play different songs in different rooms and control the music from a universal remote for easier daily use. Soon you will be entertaining your friends and family with technology that also simplifies day-to-day life.

  • Electrical Networking Installation

Get fully connected with our electrical networking installation services. The Electrical networking installation services provided by Red Ryno are aimed at saving energy while keeping the home secured with highly effective lighting.

  • Maintenance

Red Ryno is not just here for the sales; we are always with you all the step of the way. Our maintenance services ensure that your smart home systems get the proper updates, inspection, and clean up to keep them running for as long as possible. Our team of experts is always open to answering your questions and proffering the best solutions and tips on keeping your smart home systems functional. We also carry out the best experience and education possible for all of your new purchases.

What makes us different?

  1. Unique User Interface.
  2. Certified team of professionals.
  3. Friendly customer care services.
  4. Timely maintenance and information.
  5. Pocket-friendly pricing.

At Red Ryno Energy, we design and install a comprehensive Smart Home Solution.