Why you need a backup generator for your home

Power outages can be extremely disruptive at home, especially if you work from home. If your home experiences frequent power outages, it might be wise to consider installing a backup generator. Here are 5 reasons why you need a backup generator for your home.

Improve productivity

Power outages can grind your workflow to a halt, especially if you were using electronics before the outage. With a residential backup generator, you can ensure that you minimize disturbances and stay productive even when the power goes out.

Keep food fresh

When there is a power outage, it can take just as little as four hours before the food in your refrigerator and freezer starts to spoil. This is especially worrying if you have hundreds of dollars of food stockpiled in your appliances. A backup generator ensures all of your devices– including your fridge and freezer –stay running, eliminating the risk of your food going bad.

Keep comfortable

When you experience an outage, your air conditioner and furnace go out. In extreme temperatures, this means that your home temperature can rise or fall quickly, especially without proper insulation. By having a professional electrician install a residential backup generator, you can maintain your home’s temperature and keep comfortable.

Prevent flooding

In the event your power goes out during a storm, one of your major concerns might be the sump pump in your basement. Without it running, there is an increased chance of flooding in your basement. Thankfully, a backup generator keeps your sump pump running and protects your home from floods.

Prevent pipe freezes

Power outages in the winter can cause your home’s temperature to drop drastically, resulting in frozen and burst pipes. These cause significant damage and are expensive to repair. Keeping the heat on with a backup generator prevents frozen pipes, saving you from a disastrous situation.

Get a residential backup generator installed by professionals

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