Why is Silver Label certification important for buying or selling a manufactured home

If you have a manufactured or mobile home that you want to sell or if you are looking to purchase one of these homes, regardless of whether you are the buyer or seller, you should check to make sure that the home has the proper certification, which would either be a CSA label or Silver Label certification. Let’s explore what these certifications are and why they are important to manufactured and mobile homes.

What is a CSA certification and why is it needed?

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification label is a label affixed to manufactured or mobile homes after it is inspected by the manufacturer in the factory. The label verifies that the home has been assessed and meets current electrical standards according to the provincial safety manager, which protects the current and potential future inhabitants of the home. To ensure safety, electrical certification is mandatory for any manufactured or mobile homes that are sold in BC.

The CSA certification label applies to manufactured homes, factory homes or other factory-built structures, which include mobile concession stands, kiosks, construction trailers and other similar structures.

How do I know if a home has a valid CSA certification?

All factory-built homes should have a CSA label with a unique CSA number, which would prove that it is certified. You should be able to find the CSA label near the front door, at the electrical panel or near the hot water tank in your home. As long as you have a CSA label with the CSA number intact and haven’t made any electrical modifications to your manufactured or mobile home, it is ready to be sold.

If your home has electrical modifications, then it cannot be sold with only the CSA certification label. Electrical modifications could include any added or moved outlets, light switches, light fixtures or ceiling fans. For homes with any electrical alterations, you need proof of electrical permits by a licensed electrician for each modification in addition to the CSA label in order to sell the home.

If your CSA label is not legible or has been removed, you will need to receive a Silver Label certification instead. For manufactured or mobile homes with electrical modifications that weren’t done by a licensed electrician and done without a permit, Silver Label certification is required in place of a CSA label.

What is Silver Label certification and how do I get it?

Silver Label is certification for manufactured or mobile homes by Technical Safety BC used in place of a CSA label. If your manufactured or mobile home is missing its original CSA label or underwent modifications without the necessary electrical permits, then Silver Label certification is needed instead.

To receive Silver Label certification, you should find a licensed electrician to inspect your home and verify that it meets current safety standards. The electrician would be responsible for submitting the report to Technical Safety BC and paying the licensing fee. Technical Safety would then perform an inspection and if the proper standards are met, they will send a Silver Label certification to affix to your home. The whole process usually takes about a week. 

If you’re thinking about selling your manufactured or mobile home but don’t have a CSA label, Silver Label certification enables you to lawfully sell your home. If you’re looking to buy a manufactured home, with Silver Label certification, you can rest assured that the home, even if it has undergone modifications, keeps you safe.
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